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      NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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      Safety Policy          
      People Oriented
      Safety Assured
      Continuously Improving
      About Us          
      Professional Factory Logistics

      Professional Factory Property

      Professional Human Resources Outsourcing

                 Nanjing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd is founded in 2002 with 300 million registered capital. We are a professional company providing human resource outsourcing, enterprise logistics management service and enterprises backcourt logistics service. After decade of effort, we are developing to a new level.

                 Our management team is composed with young people and equipped with knowledge and modern management awareness. We build robust processes and working systems in management and service. We restrict our behaviors following the requirements of standardization. A group of young people become our management cadreman. We have stored a group of talents in human resource, enterprise logistics management and enterprises backcourt logistics service.

                Our Company issues concepts of “Honest”, “Law-abiding”, “Excellent” and “Win-win”. We make “meeting customers’ requirements and pursuing customer satisfaction” as our service tenet. We make “building SuYang brand and competing for the first place” as our aim of development. We are based on Nanjing and will service companies from the whole Jiangsu province. We will make our efforts on building “SuYang Brand” in Jiangsu. We believe our capability to provide talents and outstanding services.

      Laws and Rules
      Window of Staff         

       2013.Feb, manager of SuYang Company and representative of security department visited our needy employees and gave them oil and rice.。

       2013.Jan,representative of SuYang Company visited our employee Chen Lixian who was sick and gave him some gifts.

       2012,SuYang Company employee Zhou Xiaoping was praised by the customer due to her outstanding performance on working in Aker Solutions.


      - Forklift drivers
      - Operators

      - Cleaners

      - Stevedores

      - Inventory managers

      Contact Us            

      Address:   No.771 Xuxi Road,
                       Luhe District,Nanjing
      Postcode: 210048

      Contact:Xiao Ling
      Tel:        025-57053481-0
      Fax:        025-57053481-8004
      Email:     suyangceo@126.com
      Website: www.hbwmssjx.com

      Address: No.771 Xuxi Road, Luhe District,Nanjing
      Tel: 025-57053481,025-57059767  Fax: 025-57053481-8004  Email: suyangceo@126.com   Website: www.hbwmssjx.com